Sample Lesson

Location: Indoor Gymnasium


Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop the skills of putting and chipping
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rules of golf and safety
  • Allow players to develop their interests


Coach Introduction 

  • Par 4 of Golf Safety:
  1. Check – Look around to ensure that you have safe space
  2. Set up – prepare for the type of shot you are going to make
  3. Look – Check again for safety
  4. Swing – Take your shot


Warm up 

Activity 1

  • Put ball on tee and balance ball while walking back and forth in a relay (introduce the use of tees and balls in golf)
  • Have players share their way that they used to balance
  • Do a series of stretches (explain the importance of stretching to golf)

Activity 2

  • Set one foot on the ground (try to balance) then try with eyes closed
  • Golf Tag (person who is the tag will receive golf balls) tag with golf balls




How to grip a putter:Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 10.55.10 PM

  • Hold the putter in the fingers
  • Place the thumb on top of the shaft
  • Hand closest to the target is slightly above than the other hand



  • Identify Target LineScreen Shot 2018-01-07 at 10.56.41 PM
  • Aim the clubface along the target line
  • Bend at waist



  • Place feet parallel to target line
  • Allow the putter to swing using shoulder
  • movement


Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 10.57.45 PM


  • Allow players to freely putt on their matts, keeping in mind it is a stroking motion instead of a hitting one.




Game 1 

In groups of 2, participants will play a 3-hole putting course. They will start at behind the cones (tee markers), and try to hole out the putt in the least amount of strokes.

Each player will get a 10 long piece of string with washer tied to the end of it. After each player putts, they mark their balland place the string in a line from their mark to the hole, using washers tied to the end of the string to secure it to the bottom of the hole. The next player putts and places their string, without stepping on their playing partner’s string. Rule is to not step on any playing partners string (line of putt)

 Golf Knowledge:

  • Lifting & Marking (20-1) (how a Players should mark and lift a ball)
  • Teebox (18-2) (Players must stand behind the teebox
  • The Putting Green (16-1c): Repair ball marks and other damage)
  • How to mark a golf ball

Basic golf terminology: Teeing Ground, Putting Green, Flagstick, and Hole.




Right handed players, left hand at bottom, right hand on top (vice-versa for left handed players)
Set up

Place feet parallel to target line (feel the same as putting)
swing club around body, turn hips body and arm together to swing



chip against wall for practice and technique


Use different sizes of hula hoops and buckets for different amount of points, goal is to land the ball inside the hula hoops or buckets, will keep track of points with a special scorecard

Wrap up 

  • Repeat some stretches from warm up
  • Reflect on the golf knowledge that was introduced

The Handshake

  • A sign of respect and friendship for the other player
  • Look at your fellow players in the eye while reaching out your hand
  • Grip and shake their hand firmly, while a big smile! 🙂